For rent

The rental price is based upon the amount of space you need. There's a fixed rental fee of € 2,300, plus a extra charge of € 1.75 per m² used. The rental fee is charged only once, even if you rent for a couple of days in a row. However, the m² price for the space actually used will be charged each day.

The rental price includes the cleaning of the room, the kitchen & toilets after the event, normal electricity consumption (220V/16A); heating, ventilation, water & lighting.

Parking (up to 1,500 cars) is charged at € 3.00/car, plus a security surveillance at an hourly rate of € 30.00/guard.

The days needed for setting-up & taking down are charged at € 1,500/day. Should you wish to rent for a longer period, please contact us for a special quote.

Our catering-services are subcontracted to Traiteur Les Frères Debekker. We do allow working with the caterer of your choice, for which we charge a corkage fee ranging between € 3.5 and € 5.00 (min/max) depending on the type of catering.

The rental price does not include insurance fees. Fire and Civil Responsibility insurance policies are obligatory and at charge of the tenant. The premises themselves are covered by our own fire insurance policy.

(*) All the above prices are indicative and exclusive of 21% VAT and are valid until 31/12/2015. The Cellars reserve the right to adjust prices at all times. Subcontractors' prices (surveillance, cloakroom, etc.) are also indicative and may vary from one supplier to the other. 


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