Abattoir introduces its own waste bags

As of 1 September, we have our own waste bags for non-recyclable waste. Companies active on our site and making use or our own waste recovery service must from now on buy our new bags. The bags are better recognizable from other types and make the collection of selected waste much easier. This Abattoir initiative is also meant to encourage traders to produce less waste.

So, as of 1 September it is no longer a matter of choice, but compulsary! 

Why ?
• A clean site thanks to an optimal waste collection
• Encouragement of selective waste deposit  (PMD/paper-cardboard/glass)
• Greater conscience for all those producing waste

A couple of rules :
• Bags must not weigh more than 20 kg
• Sharp objects must be properly wrapped in, so to avoid cutting wounds
• All bags must be closed carefully and put outside before 15.30hrs

Where can I buy these bags?
Abattoir waste bags are for sale at the deposit room, next to the discharging dock of the slaughter line and can be reached permannently by calling 02/556 11 82.
A roll of 20 bags cost € 40,00 VAT incl. (2 € per bag)

Should you have questions with regard to the waste collection, please call 02/521 54 19 or mail to info@abattoir.be.