People interested in our fascinating history must run through these pages to learn all about it. But on these same pages they will find all about "Abattoir 2020", our great plans for this remarkable site.

For professionals or businesses interested in working together with our company, this is also the place where they can find all administrative information and documentation.

Oude markthalOur history

"The Slaughterhouses and markets of Anderlecht" were only founded in 1983. Renamed "ABATTOIR s.a.", the company's history as well as that of the site and its surroundings is quite a fascinating story, not in the least for all that happened before the actual building of the market hall.


Sustainable enterprise

Everyone is talking about it and in the current climate, anyone who fails to be a sustainable manufacturer, consumer, etc., risks being sidelined or singled out for criticism.

At Abattoir, we have a longstanding sustainability policy, extending to every aspect of our activities. Waste treatment only forms a small part of this, but it is worth examining this aspect of our activities in greater detail.