A great variety of wholesalers


There are quite a number of wholesalers to be found on our site. Each of them has its own particular activity. First of all there are two companies that take care of the actual slaughtering of the animals which, once slaughtered, are carved in a series of adjacent chilled butcher’s shops. But there are also fishmongers, wholesalers for fruit and vegetables, hide, entrails and tripe traders, …

If you are looking for information on the slaughtering of animals, or should you want to buy meat, fish, vegetables or fruit from our wholesalers, have a look in the menu to the left. All our wholesalers are listed according to products or services offered.

Our wholesalers can only do business with the professional trade. So, if you want to come shopping at Abattoir’s, you are kindly invited to come to our public markets, organized weekly on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (from 7.00 till 14.00 hrs). There you can find all these fine quality products at very sharp prices. We do remind you
that private persons can call upon our slaughterhouse services for
the occasional slaughtering of an animal.