Terrorist attacks paralyze Brussels city

Tuesday 22 March 2016 is a date that we all will remember in Belgium and Brussels. Due to terrorist attacks, many people were killed or blessed today. Our team of Abattoir is thankful to all the volunteers who are giving support to those victims right now. Our minds are with the families and all the victims... We will always fight against terrorism and against hate !

Due to this crisis, the terror attack alarm has again pulled up to level 4. Many events that were supposed to take place this week at Abattoir, are cancelled: the studend-fair 'Parcours ton orientation' that was taking place today and tomorrow in our cellars, is immediately stopped. The non-profit association Cultureghem will not launch the new season of KETMET on 23/3. And the afterwork party Boeremet on Thursday 24/3 is also cancelled. We are waiting for instructions from the local authorities regarding our public markets this weekend. As soon as we receive news, we will inform here !

Picture : Newsmonkey (credit Frederic Schepens)