A fresh wind blows over Abattoir










In 2012, Cultureghem was born in the womb of Abattoir. Cultureghem?

It is a public space for all inhabitants of Brussels, in Cureghem. A lively meeting place where you can quickly meet new people. A place where you can pop in for a tasty, healthy meal. And where you can turn ideas into great projects.

In Cultureghem we share everything: from healthy food to thousands of square metres of space and mobile tools. Because we think sharing and collaborating are normal. Just like having a place where everyone - including you - can do their thing.

From healthy eating together to a playground for children, something is always happening here! Concerts, exhibitions, interventions in the neighbourhood and so much more... Welcome! Discover our activities at www.cultureghem.be. Or follow Cultureghem on Facebook, Instagram and/or LinkedIn.

Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us: +32 (0)2 556 11 72 or by e-mail.